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Irelands plays catch-up on Climate change

Irish latest thinking on Climate Change (source Irish Times) The Government’s new blueprint for reducing greenhouse emissions in Ireland by 80 per cent before 2050 contains 106 actions but admits substantial uncertainty as to whether the targets can be achieved.

Donald Trump’s great in DEED…

Donald Trump “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone….etc” Donald Trump is doing us a big favour on Climate Change. We citizens scarcely care about the Paris Accord and Climate Change let alone intend actually doing anything

Home Detox Workshops

It’s Time to Detox your Home These days, detoxing is high on the agenda for many of us. We routinely put in place detox goals for our bodies to help us on a leaner, cleaner path to a healthier lifestyle.

Michael O Leary & Climate Change

Michael O Leary & Climate change Michael of Ryanair fame was up to his usual antics on radio Saturday morning. He was blunt, humorous and certainly outspoken in his responses, in  the manner that we have come to love about

Smart Energy Savings at the RDS

For Smart Energy Savings visit the Watt Footprint at the ORS stand at the Energy Show 2017 5th of April 10am – 6pm                                  

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