Step 7 – Water Efficiency

Summary of Step 7- Water Efficiency

Twitter Summary
The climate cycle and the hydrological cycle are effectively one and the same thing. We must reduce non-sustainable ground water extractions and become aware that interfering with the hydrological cycle can intensify climate change.


Smart Citizen Summary

Step 7 completes the cycle in terms of steps the smart citizen must take to ensure that this Earth can be sustainably enjoyed by all, in such a way that does not cause further stress to the fine balance of its ecosystems. Water mindfulness is just as important as greenhouse awareness in terms of the detrimental consequence both play on the cause and effect of climate change. The smart citizen needs to:

  • Be aware that the vast volumes of water required to support our modern lifestyles is such that rivers will run dry, lakes will fade away and ground waters will vanish.
  • Know how to measure the amount of water we actually use on a day to day basis.
  • Understand the concept of water labelling
  • Re-think how hot water is used in our homes and understand the many ways of heating water with renewable fuel sources such as solar thermal. Understand the amounts of water used by common everyday apliance and systems such as showers, baths, washing machines, toilets etc and learn to reduce their water demands
  • Appreciate that water senstitive design is fundamental to mitigating the adverse effects that climate change is having on this Earth.
  • Consider installing rainwater harvesting and rain water butts where possible to reduce the need for mains water supply
  • Know that flood damage mitigation measures will be an integral part of the design philosophy of both new buildings and refurbishments. Understand that energy and water are inextricably linked. To conserve water is to conserve energy.
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