Step 6 – Electricity Demand

Summary of Step 6 - Electricity Demmand

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Having a basic understanding of electricity is an essential first step in reducing your energy needs and becoming self-sufficient by terms of generating your own power. Combining solar power with battery storage will have the same impact on mains grid power that mobile phone technology had on fixedline phone systems.


Smart Citizen Summary

Step 6 is about understanding the launguage of “smart”. Smart grids, smart meters, smart cars, smart tv’s, even smart cities all controlled by smart gadgets in the hands of smart citizens. Of course, before considering self-sufficiency in terms of electrical supply, it is essential that the recommendations set out in steps 1 to 6 have been complied with insofar as energy efficiencies have bee maximised. Additionally every smart citizen will also have to:

  • Understand the basics of electricity generation and realize how its cost base can be affected by smart grids and smart meters.
  • How to interpret energy labels and use them as a basis for selecting the most advantageous energy efficient products.
  • Know how to calculate the energy loads of all new purchased products. Know how to reduce the energy usage of existing appliances such as refrigeration units, cookers, clothes and dishwashers.
  • Understand the key role new lightng efficient products can play in lowering energy costs.
  • Become familiar with the role batteries are now starting to play in making renewable energy technologies suitable for supply of electricity to homes, day and night.
  • Appreciate that renewable energy technologies should only be considered after all other effeciencies have been implemented such that any energy generated on site will not be wasted.
  • Know how to establish which, if any, renewable technologies best fit your particular building.
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