Water Bottles


Water Bottle

Whether you’re looking for a new bottle to take to the gym, go running or cycling with, or you simply want to make sure you’re drinking the recommended six to eight glasses of water a day, buying a reusable bottle can keep you to

  • save money in the long run
  • keep you free from nasty chemicals that may leech from plastic bottles
  • keep your water more energised
  • help tackle the proliferation of waste water bottles polluting our planet

We at Watt Footprint have  found a selection of water bottles that are worth investing in. All free from BPA (a chemical used to make certain types of plastic that research shows can affect your health if it seeps into your water), we’ve tested them all to see how easy they are to use and drink from, if they leak in your bag and how to keep them clean.

From the Flaska water bottles to the on the go Bobble filtered water bottles all available from our shop in Laytown.

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