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Step 4 – Insulation

Step 4 Summary - Heatflow

Twitter Summary Heat flow like water flow follows the path of least resistance. For Insulation to be fully effective, it must be all enclosing, because heat will flow- not through its strongest sections -but through its weakest links. Smart Citizen

Step 3 – Airtightness

Twitter Summary Airtightness needs to be part of our everyday vocabulary of energy efficient buildings. Airtightness can save energy and money, but it must be matched by well-designed fresh air ventilation systems. Smart Citizen Summary Step 3 is about understanding

Step 2 – Measurement

Twitter Summary Step 2 is about energy measurement. What you can’t measure you can’t manage and combatting climate change is all about accountability. Smart Citizen Summary Every citizen in today’s complex interconnected world has a role to play in reducing

Step 1 – Mind Change

  Twitter Summary Step 1 is about the Mind Change challenge every citizen faces today. The old analogy of frog in gradually boiled water is the ultimate situation the smart citizen must quickly avoid.   Smart Citizen Summary Climate change

Ireland miss 2020 targets

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Broadband is rolled out Nationally. This simply has to happen for Ireland to have a fighting chance of not alone meeting its 2020 targets but 2013 and on to 2050 carbon emission reduction targets. Government press release : Dublin, Monday

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