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Step 7 – Water Efficiency

Summary of Step 7-

Twitter Summary The climate cycle and the hydrological cycle are effectively one and the same thing. We must reduce non-sustainable ground water extractions and become aware that interfering with the hydrological cycle can intensify climate change.   Smart Citizen Summary

Step 6 – Electricity Demand

Summary of Step 6 - Electricity Demmand

Twitter Summary Having a basic understanding of electricity is an essential first step in reducing your energy needs and becoming self-sufficient by terms of generating your own power. Combining solar power with battery storage will have the same impact on

Step 5 – Temperature Control

Twitter Summary How we choose to heat and temperature control to cool our buildings and where we source our fuel energy will have the greatest impact on climate change. But ultimately how we use technology and integrate renewables into our

Step 4 – Insulation

Step 4 Summary - Heatflow

Twitter Summary Heat flow like water flow follows the path of least resistance. For Insulation to be fully effective, it must be all enclosing, because heat will flow- not through its strongest sections -but through its weakest links. Smart Citizen

Step 3 – Airtightness

Twitter Summary Airtightness needs to be part of our everyday vocabulary of energy efficient buildings. Airtightness can save energy and money, but it must be matched by well-designed fresh air ventilation systems. Smart Citizen Summary Step 3 is about understanding

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